Support Package: Embedded Linux – 10h/month

1500,00  (ex. VAT)

The Support Package includes additional engineering time that 3mdeb reserves for the Client’s purpose.

This offer presents the 10 hours monthly Support Package. We can offer a variety of Support Packages with customized terms, capacity and technologies (Linux, coreboot). Please contact us for more details or for different types of Support Packages.

Within three working days after your purchase, our team will contact you to schedule the start date of your support package. We will coordinate with you to ensure that the support aligns with your project timeline and requirements.

This product is limited to one item per order. For higher volume, please contact us directly.



This Support Package is designed to provide dedicated engineering support from the Software Provider's team, specifically tailored to the Client's needs in Embedded Linux development and firmware maintenance. The package includes:

  • Code and Documentation Review:
    Thorough examination of existing code and documentation for quality assurance.
  • Hardware Bring-Up and Setup:
    Assistance initializing and configuring hardware systems on Clients or Software Provider sites.
  • Issues Reproduction and Debugging:
    Identifying and solving software or hardware issues encountered.
  • Analysis of Public Repositories:
    Proactive examination of public repositories to identify solutions for reported bugs and potential areas of improvement.
  • Communication, Management, and Logistics:
    Efficient coordination and management of project-related tasks and logistics.
  • Terms:

  • Availability:
    Support services are accessible on Business Days, as per the Polish business days calendar, between 10 am and 4 pm local Polish time.
  • Response Times:
    Typical initial response time is less than 12 hours, with a maximum initial response time of 36 hours.
  • Hours Tracking:
    Monitored and reported by the Software Provider.
  • Weekly Reporting:
    Remaining hours are communicated weekly to the Client Contact Person via email.
  • Recommendation:

    While not mandatory, the 10h Support Package is strongly recommended to mitigate the risk of delays in project setup, execution, and delivery. It offers the Client direct access to our skilled engineering team for product-related inquiries.

    Communication Channels:

    For the delivery of this Support Package, Clients can utilize a variety of communication channels:

  • Software Provider Mattermost:
    Ideal for real-time communication and quick consultations.
  • Email:
    Suitable for formal communication, detailed inquiries, and document sharing.
  • Public Ticketing Systems:
    Effective for tracking issues and solutions that can be publicly accessed and referenced.
  • Conferencing System:
    Clients can use the Software Provider's conferencing system for virtual meetings or opt for their preferred system, ensuring flexibility and convenience in communication.
  • Private Ticketing Systems:
    Available exclusively for Support Packages of 90h/6months or more, offering a confidential and secure platform for sensitive project discussions and issue tracking.