Yocto Base Image

3100,00  (ex. VAT)

Yocto Base Image is the base building block for further development of Yocto-based Linux distribution for your product. It allows for your platform to boot, includes some basic packages and guarantees the basic interfaces to operate correctly.

We will use existing BSP components and put them into Yocto BSP layer for your hardware. If there are no existing BSP components for your hardware (or you are unsure), please contact us.



As a result, you would receive:

  • Yocto BSP layer - to support your hardware in the Yocto environment
    • Yocto machine configuration file
    • Yocto recipes for BSP components (Linux kernel, U-Boot, etc)
  • Yocto distribution layer - to allow you for further customizations of your product
    • Yocto distribution configuration file
    • Yocto recipe for Base Image
    • init system configuration (systemd by default)
  • Documentation - to allow you to move on on your own if desired
    • how to build the Base Image
    • how to install and verify the Base Image functionalities on the targetplatform
    • how to add more packages to the Base Image
    • how to write your own Yocto recipes


  •  Base Image allows for the platform to boot
  • Includes basic packages:
  • Guarantees the basic operation (detection in OS) of common interfaces:
    • USB
    • Ethernet
    • serial port
  • Cross-compiled for the target platform using the Yocto Project
  • Build script to simplify build and release process
  • The build environment system is delivered as a Docker container, so it can be easily reproduced on another build host