Dasharo TrustRoot Assessment for Intel Bay Trail-based Platforms

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The Dasharo TrustRoot Assessment is a comprehensive product that evaluates the potential for implementing platform firmware security on Intel Bay Trail-based platforms. It uses the expertise and tools of the Dasharo Team to assess the platform’s inherent capabilities and the feasibility of integrating TXE Secure Boot technology.

This work includes identifying compatibility issues, potential vulnerabilities, or missing elements in the firmware and hardware areas. The resulting report provides actionable recommendations to address any identified problems.



The assessment process includes the following steps:

  • Evaluation of the TXE Secure Boot status register.
  • Assessment of the Field-Programmable Fuses (FPF) and associated registers.
  • Evaluation of FPF emulation capability.
  • Assessment of fTPM application in TXE.
  • Additional hardware-specific assessments, if needed.
  • These components determine the platform's ability to support and integrate the TXE Secure Boot technology.


  • Dasharo TrustRoot Assessment Report:
    This detailed document comprehensively analyzes the platform's Root of Trust capabilities and outlines the feasibility of Dasharo TrustRoot integration. Explain the test results and assessment process performed and its meaning for platform security.
  • Dasharo TrustRoot Implementation Plan:
    This strategic roadmap detailing the steps, features, and requirements for integrating Dasharo TrustRoot with TXE Secure Boot technology is tailored to the Client's platform specifics. It essentially confirms or invalidates the proposed implementation plan. In the second case, we offer an alternative plan, including pricing and a schedule for other hardware security features that could be implemented, taking into account the unique design of the Client's platform.