Remote Workshop with the Client

1000,00  (ex. VAT)

This 2-3 hours remote workshop, conducted by the Software Provider’s Contact Person and the Founder, is tailored to each project’s unique needs. It serves as a dynamic platform for presenting results and defining future directions.

This workshop adapts to various project stages, from initial conception to the completion of specific phases. Its primary goal is to facilitate in-depth collaboration to precisely understand the Client’s objectives, leading to enhanced product development.



The key areas of focus for this service include:

  • Product Result Presentation:
    Demonstrations, log analysis, and hands-on presentations that showcase project outcomes.
  • Product Scenarios:
    Exploration of potential paths aligning with the project's context.
  • Infrastructure and Hardware:
    Discussions on relevant infrastructure aspects and hardware-specific considerations.
  • Boot Process and Best Practices:
    Insights into the platform and software stack's boot process.
  • Threat Modeling:
    Auditing, protection, detection, and recovery strategies.
  • Business Relationship Development:
    Engaging topics to strengthen business ties.
  • Focused Collaboration:
    An emphasis on working closely with the Client to refine requirements, understand needs, and set clear expectations.
  • Conclusive Summary:
    Finalize with a summary and outline the next steps.
  • Deliverables:

  • Interactive Workshop Session:
    A professionally led, engaging discussion covering all key topics.
  • Customized Action Plan:
    A plan crafted from workshop insights outlining the project's future course.
  • Detailed Summary:
    A document encapsulating critical decisions and future actions.