Twonkie – USB-C sniffer

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An exclusive USB-PD sniffer/injector/sink inspired by the renowned Google project, Twinkie. It has been reimagined to be accessible to all enthusiasts.
Twonkie is an excellent open-source solution for:

  • Sniffing USB Power Delivery traffic on both Control Channel lines (CC1/CC2)
  • Transparent interposer on a USB Type-C connection
  • Monitoring VBUS and VCONN voltages and currents (Supports USB PD 3.1 EPR voltages up to 48V)
  • Injecting PD packets on CC1 or CC2
  • Putting Rd/Rp/Ra resistors on CC1 or CC2

The hardware design of Twonkie by Joachim “dojoe” Fenkes is licensed under CC BY 4.0.


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