Fobnail Token Development Kit

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Fobnail Project provides resources to create an axiomatically trustworthy device and a simple user interface to attest the platform’s state. For a detailed project description, please check here.

The Fobnail Token is an open-source hardware reference design of a USB device with a unique purpose – ensuring the integrity of your system. This tiny yet powerful device serves as a guardian for users, administrators, and enterprises alike, offering a reliable means to verify the security and trustworthiness of your system.

The Fobnail Token Development Kit provides a versatile set of tools and components carefully selected to facilitate your exploration and experimentation. Whether you’re a seasoned hardware enthusiast or a beginner eager to learn, this kit offers hands-on experience in building, testing, and customizing your hardware solutions.


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  • Fobnail firmware is an open-source implementation of the iTurtle security architecture concept presented at HotSec07. In addition, it leverages industry standards like TCG D-RTM (Trusted Computing Group Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement) for the trusted execution environment and IETF RATS (Remote Attestation Procedures for Security) for enhanced security.
    The Fobnail project aims to provide a reference architecture for building offline integrity measurement verifiers on the USB device and attesters running in Dynamically Launched Measured Environments (DLME). This architecture allows Fobnail owners to verify the trustworthiness of the running system before performing any sensitive operations. Fobnail does not require an internet connection, making it immune to network stack and remote infrastructure attacks. It brings the power of solid system integrity validation to individuals in a privacy-preserving solution.
  • The Fobnail Token is a tiny open-source hardware reference design of a USB device that provides a means for a user, administrator, or enterprise to determine the integrity of a system. To make this determination, the Fobnail Token leverages Fobnail firmware, which acts as an attester capable of validating attestation assertions made by the system. As an independent device, the Fobnail Token provides a high degree of assurance that an infected system cannot influence it as it inspects the attestations made by the system.
  • Set includes

  • nRF52840 Dongle
  • nRF52840 Development kit
  • 10-pin 2x5 Socket-Socket 1.27mm IDC (SWD) Cable
  • Mini SWD 0.05" Pitch Connector - 10 Pin SMT Box Header