Dasharo TPM 2.0 for PC Engines APU3, APU4, APU6

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TPM 2.0 is a Trusted Platform Module designed to enhance hardware security through the integration of cryptographic keys.
This module is a 2×5 pin version compatible with PC Engines APU3 (revision D or newer), APU4 (revision C or newer), APU6.


Expected availability: May 2024.

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Dasharo Trusted Platform Module 2.0 compatible with 2x5p LPC header can be used in:

  • disk encryption
  • password protection
  • platform integrity and other security issues
  • Compatible with PC Engines APU3, APU4, APU6

    Important note about compatibility:

  • APU3 is compatible only from revision "D" and newer
  • APU4 is compatible from revision "C" and newer
  • Please note that connecting a TPM to apu4a and apu4b won't be possible because the row functions solely as test points and is too small for such a connection.

  • APU6 is compatible with all revisions
  • TPM 2.0 firmware update

    Our TPM 2.0 modules have been tested for ROCA vulnerability and have the appropriate firmware installed to mitigate it.
    More information about ROCA can be found on a PC Engines

    TPM 2.0 module features:

  • TPM SLB9665TT20FW563XUMA3
  • Operating voltage 3-3.3V
  • Meeting Intel TXT, Microsoft Windows and Google Chromebook certification criteria for successful platform qualification
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • Full personalization with Endorsement Key (EK) and EK certificate
  • Supports the LPC interface and interrupts are communicated with the serial interrupt (SERIRQ) protocol
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