Dasharo (coreboot+SeaBIOS) Entry Subscription for Network Appliance – 1 year

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The Dasharo Entry Subscription for Network Appliance Legacy grants access to the firmware updates for the Network Appliance line of devices supported by Dasharo.

The personalized digital subscription includes:

  • Firmware Updates: Access to the latest binary releases of Dasharo open-source firmware distribution for supported Network Appliance Legacy platforms, including PC Engines apu2/3/4/6. Firmware updates focus on enhanced privacy, security, performance, and compatibility.
  • Newsletter Subscription: a detailed overview of release changes, insights into enhancements, and convenient access to direct links for binary files. Facilitates seamless firmware updates on PC Engines apu devices.
  • Premier Support: Access to the Dasharo Premier Support invite-only live chat channel in the Matrix network, facilitating direct engagement with the Dasharo Team and fellow subscribers with personalized and priority assistance for PC Engines apu2/3/4/6 boards.
  • Community Involvement: Inclusion in the Dasharo community for sharing thoughts, proposing enhancements, and reporting issues through public channels. Active community participation will significantly impact the future development of Dasharo specifically for these devices.
  • Insider’s view and influence on Dasharo features roadmap: you can have a real impact on Dasharo development.

Dasharo Entry Subscription for Network Appliance Legacy aims to follow the Dasharo Network Appliance Roadmap.

Important note:
This product is for personal use only, and allows the use of up to five devices with one subscription. Using more than five devices indicates a business use case. For business use, please contact us through the contact form or use the “Enquiry for this product” button providing volume and the duration for which you wish to support a particular platform.

By purchasing this subscription, you are supporting open-source firmware and Dasharo distribution.

Check “Description” & “Additional information” below for more information about this product, documentation links and more!

By purchasing this product, you agree to have read and accepted Dasharo Terms of Service.

The planned release of this product is end of Q2’24.

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The preparation of your order will take up to 3 working days after the payment has been processed. You will receive the credentials and all the necessary information via email.


Release Overview:

This release continues our tradition of providing regular firmware updates, integrating the latest coreboot 24.02.01 and SeaBIOS 1.16.0. It's designed for users who appreciate the legacy firmware approach, offering stability, security, and compatibility enhancements. The goal is to deliver validated stable releases quarterly, emphasizing backward compatibility.

What's Included:

  • coreboot and SeaBIOS Update:
    The firmware is updated to the latest versions to ensure compatibility and security.
  • Bug and Security Fixes:
    We've addressed known bugs and applied security fixes to enhance the reliability and safety of your PC Engines hardware.
  • Compatibility Updates:
    While maintaining the essence of the legacy firmware, we occasionally include fixes to support new operating systems or hardware.
  • Purpose:

    This release doesn't aim to modernize the firmware extensively but to provide a stable and secure foundation for PC Engines users who value the legacy firmware approach. Our ultimate goal is to offer regular, monthly firmware updates.