Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI) Entry Subscription for Laptop Upgrade to (coreboot+Heads)

24,00  (ex. VAT)


Introducing the Dasharo Entry Subscription Upgrade to coreboot+Heads for Laptops! Elevate your computing experience with this exclusive upgrade designed for users with active Dasharo Entry Subscription for Laptops with a duration of one year or longer, with a maximum of one year remaining until the end.

By purchasing this subscription, you are supporting open-source firmware and Dasharo distribution, as well as HEADS firmware distribution by Nitrokey.

Check “Description” & “Additional information” below for more information about this product, documentation links and more!

By purchasing this product, you agree to have read and accepted Dasharo Terms of Service.

If you haven’t acquired a U2F key yet, we recommend buying one from Nitrokey, a leading worldwide company in open-source security hardware.

Important note: By buying this product, the original subscription period will not be extended, and the DES’s original expiration date will remain unchanged.

At checkout, please provide your email address to which you are currently subscribed.


Additional information

Order Processing Time

The preparation of your order will take up to 3 working days after the payment has been processed. You will receive the credentials and all the necessary information via email.


Important note about Heads firmware:

  • Is for very advanced users only
  • Only supports GNU/Linux operating systems (not Windows)
  • Has Intel ME disabled anyway (HAP disabling mode)
  • Doesn't have the UEFI settings of the default coreboot+EDK-II version
  • Important note about limitations Intel ME disabling

    Disabling the Intel Management Engine (ME) results in the following features no longer being available:

  • Remote Management
  • fTPM (the hardware TPM is still available)
  • Thunderbolt. USB-C, Display Alt Mode (for video signals) and USB-C charging (PowerDelivery) are still supported
  • Modern standby (S0ix). S3 suspend mode is supported instead
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