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TPM2 is a Trusted Platform Module for securing hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. This product has achieved CC EAL4+ certification and serves as a basis for other TPM products and firmware upgrades.


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Trusted Platform Module2 compatible with 2x10p LPC header can be used in:

  • disk encryption
  • password protection
  • platform integrity and other security issues

TPM2 module features:

  • TPM SLB9665TT20FW561XUMA1
  • Operating voltage 3-3.3V
  • Meeting Intel TXT, Microsoft Windows and Google Chromebook certification criteria for successful platform qualification
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • Full personalization with Endorsement Key (EK) and EK certificate
  • Supports the LPC interface and interrupts are communicated with the serial interrupt (SERIRQ) protocol
Datasheet: link


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